Finding the ideal acidic formula may take many years of experience, testing and juicing, with a huge cost in perishables, bin bags full of waste, and, eventually, an unreliable dependency on the variable quality of fresh produce. Not to mention the huge carbon footprint caused by the import of fresh citrus fruits from exotic locations. Sūpāsawā puts creativity back into mixology, and empowers professional and home mixologists with a reliable, stable, economic, and sustainable premium sour mix with a long shelf life.

Supasawa Benefits

Crystal clear

Sūpāsawā can be used to make crystal clear sour drinks. How cool is that!

Lower beverage cost

Ready-to-pour Sūpāsawā reduces your beverage cost dramatically. You don’t have to spend your precious time juicing lemons and limes, which you don’t have to buy anymore.

Longer shelf life

Sūpāsawā can be used for at least a year after opening, whereas freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice goes off after only two days.


Sūpāsawā reduces your carbon footprint by taking freight with citrus fruits from exotic places off the road and out of the air. And you reduce landfill waste, because mouldering citrus peel is not piling up in bin bags anymore, waiting for the weekly pick-up.


A bottle of Sūpāsawā occupies less space than its equivalent in limes and lemons. For venues and events where high volumes of cocktails are served, Sūpāsawā is a time and space saver.


The flavour of lemon and lime juice can be affected by too many volatile factors, such as the moment of juicing, or the ripeness of the fruit. Sūpāsawā always tastes the same, wherever and whenever.